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Experienced Relationship and Intimacy Consultant

Tina Laws is an experienced Relationship and Intimacy Consultant AND Accredited Mediator, whose mission is to help people develop healthier relationships and get the best relationships of their lives. Specializing in supporting female leaders to achieve career success without losing their marriage.

It was during her experience as an executive director, a position Tina had worked her whole life to fulfill – at age 49, she had arrived. Only to experience a series of 12-hour workdays, and phone calls during nights and weekends. After 6 months in the role, she faced her reality. Tina began to experience insomnia, vertigo, and felt exhausted. She was eating on the run, weight fluctuating and started to experience hair loss.

Tina is known for her engaging, relatable, honest, humorous and direct coaching style.

Iamge Iamge

Barely finding time or energy for her husband, date night fell by the wayside. The role consumed her life, leaving limited space for a fulfilling marriage or a personal life outside of work. Not all leadership roles are like this – but unfortunately, some are. Witnessing other women in leadership roles struggling with their health and their marriage, Tina felt driven to help them. The ultimate challenge was finding a way to have a successful career without losing their marriage.

Ultimately, Tina chose to leave the role, a sacrifice she doesn’t want any other woman to have to make. Leadership and responsibility for women mean we must find ways to handle our role without sacrificing our personal lives. Thus, the reason for so many marital breakdowns, divorces, and children’s lives, disrupted. It doesn’t have to be that way.

Tina's Background

15 Years of Experience in Relationship Coaching

With more than 15 years of experience in relationship coaching, Tina decided to draw on her background in psychology, conflict resolution and relationship and intimacy coaching, to offer a service that would help women leaders have a successful career without losing their family and personal life.

Degrees and Accreditations

Tina holds a master’s degree in criminal justice, a bachelor’s degree in psychology, and various certifications, specifically, in relationship and intimacy coaching, accredited mediator, and domestic violence facilitator, trainer, advocate and survivor.

Tina has been privileged to experience 15-plus years successfully coaching clients with various communication styles, victims and batterers of domestic abuse, corporate leaders and teams to manage conflict, diversity and inclusion, divorced and single women, married and dating couples, the offending population (male, female and trainees) and female entrepreneurs. Tina believes that her 13 years of working experience with the offending population is by far her truest test of successfully managing conflict and understanding the various dynamics of relationships.