Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Explore our comprehensive collection of frequently asked questions, providing insightful answers to guide you through your love journey with confidence and clarity.

Relationship and Intimacy Coaching
1. What can I expect from Relationship and Intimacy Coaching?

Successful women (men and couples) often find themselves struggling to balance their professional and personal lives. Our coaching provides strategies and support to help strengthen your relationships and enhance intimacy without sacrificing your career ambitions. Expect a welcoming and supportive environment where your needs and goals are prioritized.

2. How does coaching differ from traditional therapy?

While therapy often focuses on healing past wounds, our coaching centers on building skills and strategies for the future, specially tailored for successful women (men and couples) facing common queries about balancing work and personal life. We provide actionable steps to improve your relationship and intimacy with your partner.

Workplace Mediation
3. How can Workplace Mediation benefit me as a leader?

Successful leaders understand the importance of a harmonious workplace. Our mediation services can help you resolve conflicts efficiently, fostering a positive work environment and ensuring your team's productivity remains high. We facilitate discussions in a welcoming and supportive manner, ensuring all voices are heard.

4. What issues can be addressed through Workplace Mediation?

Common queries that can be addressed include interpersonal conflicts, communication problems, work-life balance concerns, and team dynamics. Our mediation services are tailored to your unique organizational needs, providing solutions that respect the interests of all parties involved.

Training and Workshops
5. What kind of Training and Workshops do you offer?

We offer a range of workshops and trainings designed to enhance leadership skills, improve inter-communication, boost team performance, and manage work-life balance effectively. These sessions are specially crafted for individuals seeking to lead with empathy, resilience, and efficiency.

6. How can your workshops help me in my role as a leader?

Our workshops address successful leaders's common queries about leading effectively while maintaining personal well-being. Participants gain practical tools and insights for fostering a welcoming and supportive work environment, enhancing team collaboration, and nurturing personal relationships alongside professional responsibilities.

7. How long does it typically take to see results from your services?

The timeframe can vary based on individual goals and the specific services engaged. However, many clients report experiencing positive changes almost immediately after the first session as they apply new strategies and insights to their lives and workplaces.

8. Who typically seeks out your services?

Our clientele mainly consists of successful women who are leaders in their fields, looking for ways to excel both professionally and personally without sacrificing their marriage. We also work with men and couples seeking to better communicate and or gain a greater understanding for a more fulfilling and lasting relationship. We also accommodate teams striving for better communication and stronger working relationships.

9. Is there a privacy policy in place for your sessions?

Absolutely. Confidentiality is paramount in all our services. Whether you're attending coaching, mediation, or workshops, you can be assured that your privacy is protected.

10. How can I start using your services?

Reaching out is simple. Visit our website at and fill out the contact form. We'll schedule an initial consultation to understand your needs and discuss how our services can support your goals as a successful woman, man, couple, or team navigating the complexities of work and personal life.

11. What are some common signs to indicate that my relationship may be in trouble?

Signs of trouble in a relationship include communication challenges, lack of intimacy, criticism or defensiveness, trust issues, avoidance or withdrawal, different goals or values, feeling unhappy or unfulfilled, lack of compromise, repetitive arguments, and any form of abuse.

12. How can I communicate better with my partner to improve our relationship?

Improving communication in your relationship involves active listening, expressing yourself honestly, showing empathy, avoiding defensiveness, using "I" statements, setting aside quality time for conversation, and seeking to understand your partner's perspective.

13. Is it possible to forgive my partner after infidelity?

Absolutely! Although complex in many situations, forgiving a partner after infidelity is possible. It’s two individuals choosing to rebuild trust, understand root causes, seeking support, have open and honest communication, and set realistic boundaries. Some of our most successful stories are those who have overcome infidelity.

14. How can I be more attractive to my spouse?

Being emotionally connected is one of the most powerful forms of attraction. Having the ability to effectively communicate, show appreciation, spend quality time together, display affection, and develop one's personal self are all key. If you are seeking to enhance your physical appearance, and are uncertain of what to address, just ask!

15. How can I get my spouse to be more supportive?

To encourage your spouse to be more supportive, you must communicate your needs clearly. Let them know how much it means to you to have their support. Share examples of why you have chosen that career, topic, advocacy, or hobby. Invite their ongoing feedback. Be open and always show your gratitude.

16. Do you work with men?

Absolutely! What many don’t know is that I started my professional career working with, and coaching men in the prisons. I gained a wealth of knowledge about their personal and social relationships. I learned a lot about their thought process. I actually credit this experience as one of the driving forces behind my success as a relationship coach and mediator. Would you believe that one of my first coaching clients was a businessman?

17. When coaching couples, are they together for every session?

It depends on the service and the individual and couple's needs. Primarily, couples seeking to rescue or enhance their relationship agree to shared and individual sessions.

18. How can we rebuild the trust after it has been broken in a relationship?

To rebuild trust in the relationship you must first acknowledge the issue. You have to be willing to communicate your concerns openly, express a genuine apology, and be willing to forgive. It’s important to create realistic boundaries, demonstrate consistency, and be patient. Ultimately, don’t be afraid to show a willingness to seek support.

19. Do you work with same-sex couples?

Although we have never asked our individual clients about their sexual and married or dating preferences, we can confirm that we have only coached and had success with heterosexual couples.

20. Who is Tina Laws?

As a certified relationship and couples intimacy coach, Tina helps female leaders achieve career success without losing their marriage. She also supports men and couples seeking to have a fulfilling marriage and relationship. Tina enjoys exercising her skills as an accredited mediator, specializing in the working environments for organizations, leadership, and teams.

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